My name is Alex Radulescu and I am a professional Binary Options Trading specialist, Market Analyst and I’ve been active in the Forex Industry for over 11 years.

As years went by, I have developed more than 50 advanced Forex strategies, over 100 indicators and expert advisers.

Lately I have specialized on developing strategies and advanced indicators based on parities correlations for Binary Options.

I am recommending you to read all my articles in order to better understand every step related to ways of thinking, technical analysis, strategies and indicators you will be needing for becoming a profitable Binary Options trader from now on.

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  • All this time I offer live signals during webinars and we practice Binary Options strategies, learn each step of trading and how to trade. The Binary Options indicators are unique in the indicators industry and they are developed on the strongest Forex principle, parities correlation and advanced algorithms to determine trend reversals. They come with a lifetime license and use in non-personal purposes is sanctioned according to copyright laws.
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